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The PADI Mermaid Program Goes From Strength To Strength


The newly introduced PADI Mermaid Program is growing from strength to strength since its introduction in December 2020.

Since its release, the program has exploded in China, with more than 50 dive centers offering classes, and there are more than 600 PADI Mermaid Instructors certified to teach the program. Since then, the program is growing in popularity at other global destinations from the USA to the Maldives and Mexico to Australia.

The PADI Mermaid Program has three student and three instructor levels along with the Discover Mermaid course.

The Student level includes:

  • PADI Basic Mermaid course.
  • PADI Mermaid course.
  • PADI Advanced Mermaid course.

While the instructor level courses are:

  • Basic Mermaid Instructor.
  • Mermaid Instructor.
  • Mermaid Instructor Trainer.

The PADI Discover Mermaid and Basic Mermaid courses are open to children as young as 6, while the limit for the regular Mermaid course is 10 years old.

Commenting on the new courses, PADI Mermaid Instructor Trainer and Freedive Cozumel proprietor Julie Ferrara stated:

“I am so excited about the PADI Mermaid program, mostly because it means we are helping to shape this blossoming ‘mer-industry’ with formal education and safety standards. I feel especially grateful and happy to be able to introduce and share the ‘mer-world’ with others.

“The PADI Mermaid program has benefitted our business by allowing us to open up to a broader market. Apart from the classes, there are so many products, programs and other streams of income to be generated with a mermaid theme. I think the PADI Mermaid program could be the breath of fresh air and ray of hope-filled sunshine that many folks are looking for right now.”

You can check out a video of the largest PADI Mermaid show below.

The World’s Largest Underwater Mermaid Show
Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy is a TDI/SDI Instructor Trainer, and PADI Staff and Trimix Instructor. Diving for 28 years, a dive pro for 14, I have traveled extensively chasing my passion for diving. I am passionate about everything diving, with a keen interest in exploration, Sharks and big stuff, Photography and Decompression theory. Diving is definitely the one and only passion that has stayed with me my whole life! Sam is a Staff Writer for


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