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Top 5 Scuba Videos of 2015

Whether you are looking for a new destination for your next diving holiday, want to learn about other people’s dives or just want to experience a dive from the comfort of your armchair, going to youtube and checking out what they have to offer is a great idea for any avid scuba diver. So we have searched through youtube to find you the top 5 scuba videos of 2015…

Do you have a video you think was the best Scuba video of 2015?  Tell us about it in the comments below.

Here are our Top 5 Scuba Videos of 2015

Amazing Underwater Kauai – Hawaii GoPro Scuba Diving 2015

Number one on our list has to be the ‘Amazing Underwater Kauai – Hawaii GoPro Scuba Diving 2015’ taken with a GoPro camera, which nearly ALL scuba divers have or have had, it is an amazing video which captures not only the beautiful colours in the ocean, as well as the vast amount of marine life that you can find in Kauai, Hawaii. This incredible video was recorded during the winter season from the south shore of the island due to high surf on the north and west sides. The Dragon eel, octopus, turtles and fish are only a select few marine creatures that you can see on this video. A great video to get you in the mood for your next diving trip.

Philippines, Oslob, Whale Sharks, Best Scuba Diving Video

If you like larger marine animals, then Oslob, Philippines is the place to go. Scuba diving with whale sharks is an unbeatable experience for any diver. This is where video number two comes in. This scuba diver has taken the opportunity to film his experience and the local environment. Observing these gentle giants from such a close proximity is enough to get this video onto our top 10 list.

Scuba Diving The Philippines

If you are planning a diving trip to the Philippines, this video will provide the perfect taster of what you might see when diving at the numerous dive sites that these islands have to offer. If you are not planning a diving trip to the Philippines, then this video will certainly change your mind, I know it has changed mine. This video covers dive sites such as; Malapascua, Gato, Bohol, Panglao, Pamilacan, Balicasag, Dauin, Apo, Siquijor, Oslob, Sumilan, Moalboal, and Pescador Island. You will find whale sharks, sea snakes, soft corals, turtles and huge shoals of beautifully coloured fish, there is something for every kind of diver.

Original Video Melbourne Scuba Diver Films Stunning Spider Crab Migration Pyramid 2015 HD

This unbelievable video is so incredible that it has even been written about in the ‘Telegraph’. Filmed by Pink Tank Scuba in Port Phillip Bay, Australia, these scuba divers managed to capture the rare occurrence of a migration pyramid of Spider Crabs. As the water in the bay gets colder, spider crabs form this rarely seen pyramid of over a thousand crabs which moves along the ocean floor, certainly an amazing site for any scuba diver.

Underwater footage of Whales and Dolphins Interacting

Even though this is a short video, it has certainly captured the hearts of nearly 2000 people. This is underwater footage of humpback whales and bottlenose dolphins. Filmed in the waters of Maui, Hawaii, this can melt the coldest of hearts. Seeing how peaceful these gentle giants are makes you think that there is hope for mankind yet. Created by the Pacific Whale Foundation, this video is both beautiful and interesting.

Jennifer Palmer
Jennifer Palmer
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