Ever wanted to travel the world and dive the coolest places?

Well, professional travel blogger Justin Carmack has set a goal of diving the 100 best dive sites in the world, and so far he’s been to nearly a quarter of them, including the Spiegel Grove off the Florida Keys, several spots in the Red Sea and more.

Carmack, 29, recounts his dives on his TrueNomads.com website. He recently spent six weeks in the Philippines, of which he described:

“For diving, beach lovers, and island lovers, it’s insane.”

While in the Philippines, Carmack was able to tick off four of the dive sites on his list, and is now in Thailand.

Carmack became a true nomad while on a trip during a break between college semesters to Mozambique. Since then, he’s been to more than 71 countries on six continents and earned his divemaster certification in Dahab off the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

Diving makes travelers into real explorers, since much of the underwater world is largely uncharted, he says:

“If you want new frontiers, that’s where you go.”

To see where Carmack has been and where he plans to go next, check out his truenomads.com website.