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Upon the face of the waters

“Upon the face of the waters is a new book by Donald Tipton available from Dive Magazine.

The ocean is full of wonder

Dolphins cavorting, sharks hunting, the complex beauty of a coral reef, the majesty of crashing waves. In this unique work Donald Tipton captures the soul of our seas. Using a powerful mix of black-and-white and colour images he records the strange beauty found beneath the waves.

His images of dolphins are particularly special. No other photographer has done such revealing work: these are intimate portraits which take our understanding of these fascinating marine creatures to a new level.

Donald not only sheds new light on the animals which live in the sea, but he makes you look at the whole ocean in a new, fresh way. This is an exploration of light and space, a look beneath the surface, a passport to wonderland.

Upon The Face Of The Waters has developed over a long period of time, with the final form of the concept coming into being just two years ago.

I wanted to do something that would work well with my ideas about art and do something that other books have not done.

As a result, my final concept for this book was to look at the sea as a work of art and to visually explore six concepts that seemed recurrent in my images. These six concepts, in turn, have determined the structure of the book. The book is not divided into chapters that deal with a particular subject, but instead is divided into six sections that visually explore a given concept.

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Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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