Friday, September 25, 2020
Home Video Of The Week [VIDEO] The Last Mermaids of Jeju

[VIDEO] The Last Mermaids of Jeju

[VIDEO] The Last Mermaids of Jeju

This week’s video is another outstanding short video from the Great Big Story.  Following Kim Ok Ja as she goes spearfishing every day to support her family.  At 78 years old she is one of the last group of Korean divers known as the “Haenyeo”.

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  1. Im a Korean Freediving Instructor Joe.

    Many Korean ‘Haenyo(that mean is Sea Women)’ lives around east and south sea of Korea still now. not only Jeju Island.

    and many Haenyo are hate scuba and freediver. because that think divers are catch fishes and shells.
    so that they block to the entrance for the sea and fighting with divers.


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