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Home Video Of The Week [VIDEO] Spearfishing: Trapped Underwater Fighting a 65lb+ White Seabass

[VIDEO] Spearfishing: Trapped Underwater Fighting a 65lb+ White Seabass

[VIDEO] Spearfishing: Trapped Underwater Fighting a 65lb+ White Seabass

Welcome to this weeks Video of the Week!  Our aim is to showcase one video every week that shows off the best of Freediving, Scuba Diving or Spearfishing.

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This week we feature a video doing the rounds showing a spearo who came close to blacking out due to being trapped underwater.  The question is what can be learned?

The video was shot on Go Pro 2 with Blurfix lens and Green filter.


  1. Lesson learned: no fish is worth dying for! If you’re trapped underwater and you need to breathe, get your knife and cut through the line. I have been trapped underwater once by some fishing line that got tangled around my weight belt at 6m, and I was amazed at how calmly I reached for my knife and cut myself free. 

  2. the diver is feeling fine after a minute under water with a 1/2 breath, then the next thing is hes panicking because…hes out of breath completely!!! (hyperventalation?)Always surface well before you absoultely need to, with about 15 seconds to lesuirely get up. That way, if you find yourself stuck, you have time to assess and release if tangled. If that doesnt work, cut the line immediately with no hesitation. Lines are super dangerous anytime, especially in murky, kelp heavy water.

  3. The people that need to learn a lesson is Omer – this diver was was trapped because of the stupid clip they put on their Stingray footpockets (and the Millenniums had this unnecessary clip too, though the Stingray design is worse). How they could not consider the risk is unbelievable.  No other footpocket design includes anything that line can catch on.

  4. Comments posted by the diver on another forum. 

    Uberman, there was no hyperventalation, knife issue was addressed below. While there was serious concern it wasn’t a panicked situation. As the video says, the camera was knocked off his head thus making it look much more shakier than it was.—Wow, so much to absorb. Instead of addressing each issue I’ll try to list what I have learned in retrospect, what i would do differently and thoughts on other things posted.1. the footpockets are new, first time they’ve been tangled.2. Everyone needs to remember, I didn’t know I was wrapped by mono, all I saw was some loose kelp around my fins.3. If I had gone for the knife option I’d of been dead. I wouldn’t have expected the mono to be underneath, not sure I would have seen it properly enough to cut it and it was wrapped several times around. the cleats on the rubber arms were doubled wrapped on one side4. I don’t think I had more than 8 secs to act.5. When I switched to a dolphin kick, I felt some play, meaning i could get a little bit of wiggle room. I worked to widen the gap and eventually could move my fins back and forth maybe 4″. I was moving creeping toward the surface. I think maybe if i did not have carbon fins the story would be different.6. The video has a cut in it, when I go above water there is a time lapse. I was only under for 6 or so seconds to take the shot, came to the surface and rested maybe 20 seconds (felt like 10 min), took a breath, not a big bottom of lungs breath, and headed down.7. The fish pulled hardly any line, I knew it was a headshot, and assumed it was hurt bad (BAD ASSUMPTION).OK, I think that may clear some things up. Now what i think i would have done differently.1. The drag on the reel was too tight, had it of been looser, the fish may have run another 50-80′. This was a big one.2. Take a big full breath. Assume nothing.3. Even if my head and body is away from the shooting line it doesn’t mean that my fins are. I need to be totally aware of the entire length of my body in it’s relation to my surroundings.4. A fellow diver called it the death spiral, when a fish spins you like that. I head no idea that’s what was happening as my eyes were focused on the gills. Next time be aware of this.5. Wait, wait, wait. Don’t be afraid to lose the fish, let him tire, maybe run again, there’s no rush, worse case you lose the fish.6. If he lights up, and I can’t get him quickly then let him go and get back to the surface. Wait wait wait. Try again.7. I’m still not sure on this, I like both hands free so I can really get a good hold of him, but maybe think about have the lanyard of knife over my hand.8. And yes as Spearmax showed above, I removed the death cleats immediately. (that’s what I’m calling them…)I think that’s it, I’m sure I’m forgetting something. The points I’ve mentioned are notes i’ve taken from watching the video 20 times, asking people that i really respect and reading the comments posted on forums.NB: I’m glad that people were OK with me posting this video, i was dreading, and even warned that i would get slaughtered with criticism. Goes to show that perhaps we should give ourselves more credit on Spearboard. 


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