Walter Steyn wins new Australian National Record

Australian Walter Steyn Walter Steyn set a new national record of 175min dynamics without fins in the Wellington Winter Champs, New Zealand.

This was his third national record in thiscompetition: DNF 165m, DYN 206m, which now makes him amongst the world top four in Freediving Pool disciplines.

The Lazy Seals Freediving Club reports that a successful week of records with Kathryn McPhee winning the world record dynamic without fins & NZ national record in dynamic; Dave Mullins: equal to world record in dynamics without fins; Walter Steyn: two Australian national records in dynamic without fins and one in dynamics and Phil Clayton: British national record in dynamic without fins.

The events team consisted of:

Judges: Grant Graves, Fran Rose, Joy Cottle, Braedon McPhee & Walter Steyn
Medic: Joy Cottle
Safety divers: Guy Brew & Kerian Hibbs
Videographers: Gavin Gray, Jude Perry & Tammy Anderson
Photography: Jude Perry