Tired of lugging your heavy drysuit when you travel to cold-water destinations? Waterproof USA may have you covered.

The company recently introduced its new D6 Lite drysuit with a host of features that make it lighter than other drysuits it sells.

The D6 Lite, which retails for US$1800, sports a Ripstop nylon-based trilaminate along with a 100-gram butyl coating. It also has a flexible zipper called the TIZIP as well as a pair of attached XLITE flexboots that help keep the suit’s weight down.

The suit has latex seals and Cordura-reinforced knees as well as an adjustable torso system, giving the diver a more exact fit. It also comes with its own carry bag.

Sizes for the D6 Lite range from Small to 2XL for men and XS (special order) to XL for women.

For more info, check out Waterproof USA’s website.