Twenty Three athletes from Bermuda, Canada, USA, Brazil, China and Chile have gathered in Grand Cayman for the 6th annual Deja Blue competition hosted by Performance Freediving International (PFI).  Part international competition part extensive training camp makes the event unique in the freediving calendar.

Kirk Krack from PFI has produced several videos, that you can see below, that help guide athletes and followers on what Deja Blue is, what disciplines are covered and what rules cover the competition.

Keep tuned to for results and coverage from the event.

Introduction to Deja Blue 6

PFI’s Kirk Krack introduces us to the competition, and what makes it unique to the freediving calendar.

Deja Blue 6 Competition Disciplines

PFI’s Kirk Krack talks us through the different disciplines at this years Deja Blue 6 competition

The Rules of Deja Blue 6

How long does a freediver have to give the okay for, following a dive? Who is the governing body of the Deja Blue 6 competition? Kirk Krack of Performance Freediving International gives you a two minute overview of the rules competitive freedivers at Deja Blue 6 must comply with.