ZEAGLE has introduced a new revolutionary technical fin, the RECON. The new fin is designed to give the maximum power and control for all finning techniques.

The RECON fin is the culmination of exhaustive research by the ZEAGLE R&D team, and will provide a stable platform for technical dives.

ZEAGLE brand manager Bruce Sparks stated:

“We wanted to produce a fin that was uncomplicated in design but as technical as you can get. We’ve achieved this with Recon, combining the latest aquadynamic technology with a tough and minimalist form.”

The RECON has an extensive list of advanced features, including:

  • Four strakes on the bottom of the fin, which minimize turbulence during flutter kicks, yet enhance thrust using different finning styles.
  • 25-degree angle between foot pocket and fin blade, to provide maximum thrust when flutter kicking, and enhanced stability with other fin kicks.
  • Enhanced side rails that provide improved flexibility and snapback.
  • Constructed form compression moulded natural rubber, with different suppleness and rigidity across various areas of the fin, to provide optimum performance.
  • Simple buckle system that can be adjusted by up to 2in/5cm.

The RECON fin retails for $159.95 in the USA (~€135.78/~£121.45). For more info, check it out in the video below or visit the ZEAGLE website at zeagle.com.


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