Renowned shark activist and conservationist Joel Romeiro from 333 Productions has published some stunning images on Instagram showing him performing some ad-hoc dentistry on a 3.9m/13ft great hammerhead shark.

According to GrindTv, the series of images show Romeiro gently massaging the shark’s head as he carefully attempts to remove a couple of teeth from the hammerhead’s mouth. Both teeth were broken and seemed to be in an area swollen with infection.

According to Romeiro, the incident is not recent but actually happened in 2015, however the images and footage of the encounter was not released until last week.

Even to someone as accustomed to diving with sharks as Romeiro, this was an unusual event and the shark seemed happy enough to let him remove the teeth. However, he did have a warning for others, stating:

“I wouldn’t advise anyone to try this.”

You can check out Joel Romeiro’s Instagram post here.

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