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10 Must-Follow Freediver Instagram Accounts For 2020


As freediving gets more popular and mainstream, so does its presence on social media. If you are a freediver (or just like looking at freedivers), you probably want to know which accounts you need to follow to bring your underwater passion to land. We have gathered 10 must-follow Instagram accounts for the double-tappers that need more underwater snaps in their feeds.

Girls That Freedive

@girlsthatfreedive, founded by Sarah Richard (who also started Girls that Scuba), is a freediving girl’s (and guy’s) dream feed! Sarah, who is a Divemaster, full-time digital nomad, and travel blogger, started Girls that Freedive to encourage female scuba divers to try freediving. Filled with empowering photos of women underwater, Girls that Freedive is a must-follow for every freediving Instagrammer.

Angels Of The Sea

@angels.of.the.sea is an account filled with a mixture of scuba diving, freediving, and marine life photography and videos. With over 150k followers, they are a big account that posts amazing photos that will impress anyone staring over your shoulder at your phone.

Spearfish And Freedive World is an account dedicated to both freedivers and spearos. Their feed features incredible photos of freedivers in their element, mermaids glimmering near the surface, and spearfishers with impressive catches.

Best Freedive Gear

@bestfreedivegear has tons of stunning underwater freediving photos, but their Insta stories and highlights are the real attraction. They have links there to equipment guides, tips, reviews, and great freediving destinations, which is helpful for all levels of freedivers.


@deeperbluegram is the official Instagram feed! Featuring the best-submitted photos from divers all around the world, our feed contains scuba diving, freediving, and marine life photos that will remind you of your home away from home. Tag your own Instagram underwater photos with #deeperbluegram to be featured in our feed!

Salt Nomads

@saltnomads features mostly freediving and marine life photos, with mesmerizing artistic shots and majestic scenery behind every freediver. They also have a nifty story highlight section that details freediving destinations and ocean news.

Freediving Memes

@freedivingmemes is a hilarious (and not always politically-correct) account filled with memes created by an anonymous freediver. The account pokes fun at full-faced snorkels, diving alone, hyperventilation, and freedivers who push themselves too hard. This is a great account to follow to add some lighthearted posts into your feed.

Freediver Life

@freediverlife founder Annie Guttridge is an underwater photographer and expedition leader for @silenthuntergroup. This account features exquisite shots of, you guessed it, freedivers and their underwater lives! @freediverlife also features clothing, decals, prints for sale, and lists freediving expeditions you can join.

Freediving Art

@freedivingart contains the most imaginative photos you can dream up of freedivers. From shots with wildlife to mermaids, to freedivers in full equipment, to exquisite and artistic black and white shots, it is fully dedicated to showing the most dazzling photos of freedivers ever to be taken underwater.

Freedive Passion

@freedivepassion is the account of professional freediving coach Harry Chamas. Harry posts fun and personal photos in and around Dahab, Egypt, but the real appeal of his account is his tips, technique, and Q&A videos. His 8 years of coaching experience is reflected in his Instagram feed and also his YouTube channel, Freedive Passion, for all levels of freedivers.

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Do you know any other must-follow Instagram accounts for freedivers? List them below in the comments!

Kristina Zvaritch
Kristina Zvaritch
Kris is an AIDA/Molchanovs Freediving Instructor, freelance copywriter, and one of the founders of SaltyMind Freediving on the little island of Xiao Liuqiu, Taiwan. She has written 100+ articles centered around freediving for and co-authored the Molchanovs Wave 4 - Competitive Freediving manual. When Kris isn't writing or teaching freediving, you can find her floating on a wave at the beach or struggling to learn Mandarin on land.



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