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10 Reasons to Discover Yap


Hidden in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is one of the world’s best dive destinations, Yap.

The tiny island, part of the Federated States of Micronesia, offers some stunning diving and amazing marine life. Here are the 10 best reasons to add Yap to your bucket list:

  1. Easy to get to, United Airlines offers two weekly flights from Guam to the Pacific paradise.
  2. Pristine Reefs: due to its isolated location, the reefs of Yap remain pristine and are a joy to dive in compared to other destinations that have suffered from mass tourism.
  3. Manta heaven: If you want mantas, Yap is one of the places to go, and is home to one of the few manta ray sanctuaries in the world.
  4. Untouched Nature: the flora and fauna on Yap are equally untouched and pristine, so you can head out on treks and hikes to discover nature between and after dives.
  5. Cultural Heritage: Explore the islands, rich culture stretching back over 2,00o years.
  6. WWII History: Yap was fought over during the Pacific campaign due to its location, leading to lots of wrecks of ships and aircraft and historical landmarks on land like bunkers and gun emplacements.
  7. Great accommodation options: the island has multiple options to stay in unique settings.
  8. Great Cuisine: Explore the great Yapese cuisine with all its various Pacific Influences.
  9. Uncrowded: tourists do not overpopulate the island due to its location, and the locals are friendly and renowned for their hospitality.
  10. Ease of transaction: life on Yap is easy to navigate. It is a former US protectorate, so English is the national language, US dollars is the currency, and credit cards are widely accepted.

For more info, check out the Yap Visitors Bureau website.

Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy is a TDI/SDI Instructor Trainer, and PADI Staff and Trimix Instructor. Diving for 28 years, a dive pro for 14, I have traveled extensively chasing my passion for diving. I am passionate about everything diving, with a keen interest in exploration, Sharks and big stuff, Photography and Decompression theory. Diving is definitely the one and only passion that has stayed with me my whole life! Sam is a Staff Writer for