13 Essential iOS Apps For Freedivers You Can’t Live Without

iPhone In Your Hand

Smartphones are ubiquitous these days to the point it’s hard to imagine life without one.  The iPhone is the original mass market smartphone and just turned 8 years old on the 29th June.  To celebrate we are bringing you the 13 Essential iOS Apps as a Freediver.

13. STAmina Apnea Trainer

STAmina Apnea Trainer

(iPhone & iPad) The latest Static Apnea Training App to grace the iOS App Store.  Created by Valeriy Kovalenko it is a beautifully designed training app for Freedivers looking to improve breath-hold times. DOWNLOAD

12. iHoldBreath – Freediving Trainer

iHoldBreath – Freediving Trainer

(iPhone & iPad) iHoldBreath does what it says on the tin – help you hold your breath longer.  Featuring O2, CO2, Mixed and Custom tables in a good looking and simple to use app. DOWNLOAD

11. Apnea Trainer

Apnea Trainer

(iPhone & iPad) This breath-hold training App comes with O2, CO2 and Pranayama Yoga breathing tables.  Some excellent graphics and animations in this app and reportedly endorsed by Yannik Lanz the 2012 Swiss National Freediving Newcomer Award Winner. DOWNLOAD

10. AIDA International Freediving

AIDA International Logo

(iPhone & iPad) The official AIDA International App that will let you find out more about AIDA courses as well as courses and instructors in your area. DOWNLOAD

9. I Can Hold My Breath

I Can Hold My Breath

(iPhone & iPad) This app guides you through a session of easy and gentle breath-holding and meditation. It records your sessions and shows your scores over time in a chart at the end of each session.  A simple and colorful interface guides you through each step. DOWNLOAD

8. IN-SEAtv – HD Freediving and Spearfishing

IN-SEAtv – HD Freediving and Spearfishing

(iPhone & iPad) Join Ryan McInnis – host of IN-SEAtv – in exotic locations and at home in North Carolina as he captures the most amazing marine life and the best spearos in the world living the dream.  Excellent and informative episodes available via the app. DOWNLOAD

7. A Gangnam Dive – Free Diving Game

A Gangnam Dive – Free Diving Game

(iPhone & iPad) Not something we ever thought we’d see – Gangnam style dancing and a freediving game!  A simple game but surprisingly addictive. DOWNLOAD

6. Apnea Timer HD

Apnea Timer HD

(iPad Only) Yet another breath-hold training app – this time concentrating on O2 and CO2 tables as well as square and triangle breathing training techniques – all in a clean, simple layout. DOWNLOAD

5. International FREEDIVING and Spearfishing News

International FREEDIVING and Spearfishing News

(iPad Only) From apps to online magazines – there are very few Freediving and Spearfishing magazines available but this Australian based magazine gives you direct access to it’s latest issues via your iPad.  Individual issues or a subscription can be bought in-app. DOWNLOAD

4. Static Trainer

Static Trainer

(iPhone & iPad) The final breath-hold trainer in our line-up – Static Trainer speaks, counts up or down in multiple intervals, has 5 different visualizations, it logs your training sessions and much  more as pretty much everything in the app is configurable at some point. DOWNLOAD

3. Freediving Hunter

Freediving Hunter

(iPhone & iPad) This is the closest you get to Freediving Spearfishing apart from actually getting in the water yourself.  Featuring great graphics, First- and third-person game play combination , 18 cool gear combos, each with its own unique look and skill set and much more.  Well worth looking into to keep you entertained when not allowed underwater!  DOWNLOAD

2. Tapatalk


(iPhone & iPad) Tapatalk is the ultimate way to access forums from around the internet.  All the major Freediving and Spearfishing forums are available (including DeeperBlue.com Forums).  Featuring a slick interface and utlising the notification system it keeps you up to date with all the latest Freediving forum activity with ease. DOWNLOAD

1. DeeperBlue.com

DeeperBlue.com Mobile App

(iPhone & iPad) No list for Freedivers would be complete without us mentioning our own app – it brings you the latest and greatest news and articles on Freediving at your fingertips.  A must have on any iOS device but then again we may be slightly biased! DOWNLOAD

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Stephan Whelan
Stephan is the Founder of DeeperBlue.com. His passion for the underwater world started at 8 years-old with a try-dive in a hotel pool on holiday that soon formulated into a passion he pursued in all his spare time. In 1996 his passion for the underwater world led him to setup DeeperBlue.com. When he gets time he enjoys both Freediving and Scuba Diving when not traveling for work or enjoying time with his family in London.


  1. I am asking myself, why In-SeaTV is recomended here. The newest video is from 03/2013 (!) and the app doesn’t work on ipad (crashes, doesn’t start). Ever tested it, Mr. Whelan?

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