Sunday, November 28, 2021

AIDA Freediving Pool World Championships 2015 – The DYN Qualifiers


The second day of the 2015 Individual Pool World Championships saw athletes back in the pool to compete for the 16 male and 16 female top places in the Dynamic With Fins (DYN) finals.

An amazing 7 National Records were set during the heats:

  • Mateusz MALINA (Poland) 251m
  • Ulf LINDBERG (Sweden) 229m
  • Samo JERANKO (Slovenia) 229m
  • Amro DABASH (Jordan) 150m
  • Anette Rafen OTTZEN (Denmark) 189m
  • Christina MICHALOPOULOU (Greece) 184m
  • Mara TORREALBA PASCUET (Spain) 176m

The 32 athletes who progressed to the A & B Finals can be seen below:

#AIDAWCBelgrade2015 Ladies Results - Qualifiers
#AIDAWCBelgrade2015 Ladies Results – Qualifiers
#AIDAWCBelgrade2015 Mens Results - Qualifers
#AIDAWCBelgrade2015 Mens Results – Qualifers

Full results can be see on the official 2015 Freediving Pool World Championships Website.

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