Aqualung Showcases New Omni BCD at DEMA

Aqualung's New Omni BCD at DEMA Show 2019
Aqualung's New Omni BCD at DEMA Show 2019

Aqualung’s new BCD, the Omni, is based on the Rogue BC which is great mix of minimalism and personalization on a back floatation BCD made up of three main components: a torso piece, a shoulder strap and a waist strap that can all be clipped together and disassembled.

Now, Aqualung has a jacket style bladder that can wrap around attach at the back and front using the unique ModLock connector system. With 27 possible size combinations, this custom sizing makes it accessible for everyone. You can even mount a back inflation bladder on so you can switch up your style to fit the dive.

The Omni can be completely disassembled so it packs away neatly, you can easily fit into a carry on bag and make travelling with your dive kit smoother.

There are six different color choices as the BC comes with a color kit: pink, black, white, blue, teal and yellow.

The Omni retails for US$749 (~666 Euros). For more info, go to