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Sealife Features Reefmaster RM-4K Camera At DEMA 2019

In developing the new Reefmaster RM-4K Camera, Sealife was looking to provide their consumers with a compact, power camera that they could bring underwater and be confident that it wouldn’t flood.

Unlike the traditional cameras on the market, their durable housing requires you to hand screw the housing closed for it be fully sealed, which relieves pressure that the housing might unlatch while on the dive. Also, the housing is designed with a cold- water diver in mind, and has a ergonomic grip. The piano key metal buttons are large and easily accessible for those wearing thick gloves. Unfortunately, the camera itself is not water resistant, but trust that this was designed with divers in mind.

Sealife's Reefmaster RM-4K Camera
Sealife’s Reefmaster RM-4K Camera

What really separates their action camera apart from other cameras is that it has the color correction features. This is beneficial for divers because we won’t need to put a filter, which means we don’t have to change you filter depending on the depth and your location. Also, the Reefmaster shoots in 4k at 30fps. They feature the 140-degree wide angle lens, and have additional lens options to attached to the housing.

They also wanted to keep the Reefmaster RM-4k Action Camera affordable so anyone can do it, even beginners. They want to get people diving, and keep them diving. The Reefmaster RN 4K will be available for consumers in mid-December, which makes it the perfect stocking stuff for your dive buddies.

The camera and housing will retail for US$299 (~270 Euros), and if you add a Dragon light it will cost $599 (~542 Euros). For more info go to the Sealife website.

Bethy Driscoll
Bethy Driscoll
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