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AUDREY MESTRE’S ‘NO LIMITS’ Record Breaking Attempt

“Once again, actual record holder in the female “NO LIMITS” specialty, Mrs. Audrey Mestre Ferreras will attempt to break her own World Record of –130 meters (426.51 feet) on October 27, 2001.

Audrey expects to smash her previous world mark by an astonishing 13 additional meters (23 feet). To put in perspective this unprecedented exploit, just consider that only living legends Humberto Pelizzari and Francisco “Pipin” Ferreras have broken records by a 12 meters increase. Audrey will be the first person in Free Diving history to break hers by a 13 meters improvement!

Presently, the French Mermaid is in France with diving legend Enzo Maiorga involved in charitable activities with an organization for special children she is the founder and Godmother to.

Audrey Mestre has chosen the legendary waters of Siracusa, Italy, Enzo Maiorca’s hometown, a famous and historic place in the Free Diving World where “Pipin” Ferreras made his debut in 1989.

The International Association of Free Divers will organize this spectacular event and is openly and kindly inviting ANY other freediving organization to assist as authorized observers to the Event.

Documentation and control will be done by eight different submarine video cameras strategically placed along the descent and two more cameras, one in the usual location on the Sled facing towards Audrey, PLUS, another camera for the first time in these events, will be placed on the lifting bag giving a view of the record from an angle never before filmed.

A new highly sophisticated depth sensor designed by Kim McCoy of Ocean Sensors will do all measurements. These will include among other, the depth, descent-ascent speeds, temperatures, salinity and will also be monitoring, registering and recording Audrey’s cardio vascular system twice every second of the dive. This new one-of-a- kind electronic sensor device has 2 GB of memory.

The Event schedule is as follows: Leaving Miami on the 16th of October-First Training dive (120mts.) on the 19th.-Second Training Dive on the 21st.(125 Mts.)- Third Dive on the 23rd (130 Mts.) and the last practicing dive to (135 Mts.) on the 25, two days later on the 27 the BIG dive to -143 Meters, an incredible New Female No Limits World Record.

National as well as International Media will be present. We, at I.A.F.D. firmly believe that the transparency and openness in which this record will be done should set an example of legitimacy and fairness for ALL other athletes and constitute Mrs. Mestre’s way of demonstrating her supremacy in a clear and undisputable manner.”

Cliff Etzel
Cliff Etzel
Cliff is the former Freediving editor of He is now a freelance journalist and film-maker.