Cliff Etzel

Cliff is the former Freediving editor of He is now a freelance journalist and film-maker.

DAN Offers New Training Program in Providing Oxygen

Underscoring the need for early recognition of the symptoms of decompression illness and the benefits of providing oxygen to injured divers, DAN Training recently teamed with local...

New Deep Dive World Record Set

A new deep dive world record has been set by Nuno Gomes, using Poseidon Dive Equipment. The new world record depth of 318,25 meters (1044...

South Africans Call For Ban On Shark Feeding

A diverse group of South African's are petitioning their government to ban all shark feeding. The group, made up of several renowned scientists & researchers, environmentalists,...

Tsunami Warning In Effect for Pacific Coast Of U.S.

A major earthquake struck about 80 miles off the coast of Northern California on Tuesday night, prompting a tsunami warning along the Pacific coast. The 7.0-magnitude...

Oceanic To Work with National Marine Sanctuary Foundation to Promote Awareness and Safety

The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation (NMSF) and the internationally renowned dive equipment manufacturer Oceanic, jointly announced an exciting new outreach partnership at the Foundation's annual Leadership Awards...
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