Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Nico Danan

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Seahorse takes to the sky with the all new aircraft carry on case

COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Seahorse, manufacturer of high quality, certified watertight, airtight, dustproof, crushproof carrying cases announced their newest ???????HURRICANE??????? model, the wheeled SE920 series carry-on case. This new...

The Dema is static

Static electricity is ever present in the mind of DEMA attendees due to the carpet floor. But thanks to Martin Stepanek and Kirk Krack of PFI(Performance Freediving) it...

Zeagle unveils Rapid Diver at Dema

RAPID DIVER??????? is a lightweight, all-inclusive scuba system that mates a tank, regulator and buoyancy module to a uniform-fit, load-bearing harness.It was created in response to public safety and...

Light & Motion is proud to announce the Bluefin HD for the Sony High Definition HDR-FX1 and HVR-Z1U

Housing Features: Constructed from industrial grade aluminum, machined, anodized and depth rated to 400 feet, the Bluefin HD housing has an advanced feature set that will satisfy even the most...

Henderson USA introducing: Insta dry at DEMA

Insta dry is Henderson most highly advanced, Patent pending wetsuit material, it is designed for the divers who demands the best. Insta dry products dry in just minute; offer...

Dive Quest at Epcot Center Disneyworld, Florida

Bad seas? Check out the 6 million gallon indoor aquarium with more than 65 species of marine life including sharks, turtle, eagle rays and diverse tropical fish. Guarantied calm...

Glo-toob:Serious illumination for extreme situations!

Whether you are scuba diving, technical diving, freediving, or extreme sport doing this virtually indestructible waterproof to 3500 meters, 70mmx19mm piece of lighting equipment is the way to...

Scuba fuel: Drink deep

???????The original sportdrink specifically for scuba divers??????? Lemon lime drink full of the stuff we need: Antioxidant vitamin complex reduces dangerous toxins in the body. Electrolytes reduce dehydration and provide essential minerals...

Tech Diving Limited proudly launches Nautilus Dive Planner at DEMA

The Nautilus Dive Planner is an advanced tool for decompression planning featuring the Hamilton-Kenyon decompression model.???????Currently technical divers use dive planning programs that run a single algorithm. While...

Fabien Cousteau: Becoming A Shark – Part III

Nicholas finishes his interview with Fabien Cousteau about his current endeavor to 'become a shark.'

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On the Future of our Oceans – Part II

Part Two of Nicolas Danan's interview with Jean-Michel Cousteau at DEMA.

On the Future of our Oceans – Part I

An Interview with Jean-Michel Cousteau. Nicolas steals a few candid moments with Jean-Michel.

Deborah Andollo : The Diva of Depth

Nico Danan's exclusive interview with the Godmother of Freediving.