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Light & Motion is proud to announce the Bluefin HD for the Sony High Definition HDR-FX1 and HVR-Z1U

Housing Features:

Constructed from industrial grade aluminum, machined, anodized and depth rated to 400 feet, the Bluefin HD housing has an advanced feature set that will satisfy even the most discriminating videographers. Housing controls include power on/off, record start/stop, double tap variable zoom control, electronic manual focus, momentary auto focus on/off, manual iris and gain, shutter speed, manual push white balance and neutral density filter. Smart Grip Handles also provide access to VTR playback for instant footage review. Also included is a Flip Down Color Correction Filter and the revolutionary Flip Macro Lens that will allow for super macro detail at any time on any dive. Smart Grip Handles put important functions where you need them, at your fingertips. Handles provide non-penetrating push button controls, utilizing IR transmitters and receivers. No fumbling around for awkward levers and dials. As such, the housing is a natural extension of your hands so capturing that perfect video sequence is made easy. With the Easy Load camera tray setup is a snap. Double O-ring Seals and Self Locking Rotary Latches provide the security you would expect allowing you the peace of mind to focus on your passion.


Bluefin HD Standard Lens (included)

The Bluefin HD housing standard lens allows you to capture a variety of subject matter from medium Wide, to Macro. Because the Bluefin HD housing was designed with Optical Flexibility in mind, we have designed in as part of the housing system the revolutionary Flip Macro Lens. The Flip Macro Lens can be engaged or disengaged at any time on your dive and turns your Standard Lens into a Super Macro Machine. Imagine High Definition quality in the super macro world; pigme seahorses become clydesdales and anenome stalks are transformed into trunk sized trees.

Bluefin HD Zoom Macro Lens (optional)

If you are looking for a wider angle of coverage then go with the optional Zoom Macro Lens. The Zoom Macro Lens delivers an 80+ degree angle of coverage allowing you to bring the wide blue ocean seascapes into full view. The Zoom Macro Lens not only allows for good wide angle but also provides for some room to zoom. And because the housing system was designed with flexibility in mind, you can zoom in, swing in the Revolutionary Flip Macro Lens and fill the screen with a two inch subject from 12 inches away.

Bluefin HD Ultra Wide (optional)

For Maximum optical performance, the Bluefin Ultra Wide is a must have professional lens. Constructed of industrial grade glass, ground to exacting tolerances, this multi-element lens delivers an astounding 100+* degree field of view with minimal distortion and full zoom through. The dynamic range and angle of coverage of the lens is what separates it from the competition. In addition to the ultra wide angle capability, the full zoom range of the camcorder is actually improved. High resolution macro images can be recorded when the subject is 36 inches from the port vertex in water. From whale sharks and hammerheads in Cocos to popcorn shrimp in Fiji, the Bluefin HD Ultra Wide delivers.


If you are going to have correct composition and exposure, then an external monitor is a must. Not only will you be able to see all of the icons normally displayed in the cameras monitor, but you’ll be able to hold the housing at an arm’slength away providing a clear view of what the camera sees as well as keeping tabs on the ever changing environment. Options include a 2.5Compact and a 2.5 Remote that mirrors the Smart Grip Handle functions and allows for housing operation from up to 300 feet away.


Housing will be available as a solo system or as part of a complete Travel Package including one of two lighting systems, batteries, fast charger and a custom case to hold all accessories. The Elite Travel Package includes dual 30w halogen lights, Nimh battery packs and a multi-voltage fast charger. The Pro Travel Package uses the same battery and charger system as the Elite, but incorporates dual 21w High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights that provide a daylight balanced color temperature of 5700 degrees Kelvin. Both lighting system integrate seamlessly beneath the housing and can be controlled at your fingertips from the push button controls.

For complete Bluefin HD information and resources as well as product updates contact us at Light & Motion, 300 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA 93940, ph 831-645-1525, fax 831-375-2517. Check out our new website

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