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Cancer Claims Life Of Underwater Cameraman Bob Cranston

If you love watching IMAX movies about the ocean, chances are they were shot by underwater cameraman Bob Cranston.

Cranston, who shot a multitude of IMAX films about the ocean, died of cancer on June 2.

Cranston worked with legendary ocean filmmaker Howard Hall to shoot Into the Deep,” the first underwater documentary ever made in IMAX 3D.

In addition to “Into the Deep,” Cranston worked on “Island of the Sharks,” for which he designed an underwater camera housing, “Shark Night,” and “To The Arctic 3D,” among other films.

Hall, a close friend of Cranston’s, posted a memorial essay on the website, where he wrote:

“I am inevitably reminded of how closely our lives were intertwined. So many adventures together, so much of my history as a diver, so much of my love for the ocean, so much of my success as a filmmaker, was influenced dramatically by my relationship with Bob Cranston. The realization overwhelms me. I might never have made any of these films had I not known Bob. How different my life would be. How diminished. I know I will never make another dive without thinking of him, without feeling him beside me.”

To read Hall’s full essay, go to the website.

Cancer Claims Life Of Underwater Cameraman Bob Cranston (Photo credit:
Cancer Claims Life Of Underwater Cameraman Bob Cranston (Photo credit:
John Liang
John Liang
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