Scuba Diving

If you want to learn more about what is Scuba Diving check out our feature articles and news below.

Britain's Beaches Receive MCS Acclaim

As the United Kingdom holiday season begins, the Marine Conservation Society has reported that there are more clean beaches to choose from than ever before.

Down Time

This collection of short stories on Diving is reviewed by Stephan.

Kimmo Hagman

Scandinavian U/W Photographer Kimmo Hagman is profiled in this article by Stuart Philpott.

The Keys Marine Sanctuary Threatened by Sewage

Donald explains how the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is threatened by sewage.

Peter Hince

Peter Hince, the acclaimed underwater photographer took some time to talk to us about his experiences.

London International Dive Show 99

Toby attended the London International Dive Show 1999. Was it worth it? Check out his report.

The Homemade Submarine

Craig tells the fasinating tale of Karl Stanley and his homemade Submarine.

Bull Sharks of Santa Lucia

Greg had the opportunity to go diving with Bull Sharks in Santa Lucia. Read his fantastic tale here.

Mel Fisher

The Passing of another Dive Icon - Mel Fisher!

Fantome Lost

The story of the Fantome, lost on Oct. 27. 1998 off Honduras.

Fast Track Training

Last year the media in the United Kingdom was focused on so called fast track training methods. Find out the facts!

The Sharks Dining Room

Michael tells the tale of diving in the "Sharks Dining Room".

Helping Hands

Check out the reality of training a novice diver.

How I Survived Ireland

Diving off Ireland sounded like fun. Lewis has a cautionary tale to tell of diving without proper backup. A rollercoaster ride under the waves...
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