There’s a new, high-end dive watch that’s undergoing a crowdfunding campaign to get it to market.

The Sun Compass Chronometer is waterproof up to 200m/660ft and comes in two models, a 316L stainless steel polished and a 316L stainless steel DLC-coated (black) watch case and strap.

The watch can also be adjusted for standard and Daylight Savings Time using the bezel.

Additionally, the watch has a dry-land compass navigation feature where if you point the compass hand to the sun, you’re be shown the current cardinal points on the bezel.

The watch’s developer, Nowak Design, is looking to raise US$98,518/83,000 Euros to begin production. A pledge of 425 Euros/~US$504 or more will get you the stainless steel polished version (without VAT) if you live outside the European Union.

For more info and to see how the compass function is actually used, check out the watch’s crowdfunding page at

Crowdfunding Campaign Unveiled For New, High-End Dive Watch
Crowdfunding Campaign Unveiled For New, High-End Dive Watch

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