Check Out This Concept Video For The World’s Deepest Pool

Blue Abyss 50m Pool
Blue Abyss 50m Pool

Remember that announcement last year that the UK was getting a new, really, really deep pool called the Blue Abyss, making it the largest facility of its kind in the world?

Well, the organization behind the research facility recently released a concept video — produced by Cityscape Digital — of what the pool would look like, complete with divers and astronauts training for a space mission.

The Blue Abyss will be located outside London in Essex and is designed to be the world’s best underwater research, training and development facility and will cater to Scuba Divers, Freedivers and Commercial Divers.

The video also shows the pool’s multiple levels that offer different depths for activities ranging from scuba diving to freediving, as well as the 50-meter/164-foot-deep shaft.

Check out the video below, and for more info on the facility, check out their Facebook page at