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A Honduran Doctor Has Developed Some Fairly Radical Ways Of Treating...

Honduran Dr. Elmer Mejia has successfully treated thousands of cases of Moskito Indians with severe decompression illness including exceptional paralysis and incontinence.

Divevolk Unveils Revolutionary New Technology: DiveAssistant

A crowdfunding campaign is underway for a new underwater iPhone case called the Divevolk.

Crowdfunding Campaign Launched For BW Space Underwater Drone

If you're in the market for an underwater drone, the latest one to enter this crowded field is the BW Space.

Gadget Labs Unveils Kickstarter Campaign For Nemo Underwater Drone

Gadget Labs introduces the new Nemo 4k UHD capable underwater drone.

New Crowdfunding Campaign For Aquabionic ABS Fin System Underway

There's a new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for a pretty innovative shoe-binding system designed for dive fins.

Aussie Spearos Exceed Crowdfunding Goal For Spearfishing How-To Guide

A pair of Aussie spearos have exceeded their crowdfunding goal for a spearfishing how-to guide and are offering extra goodies.

Aussie Spearos Near Crowdfunding Goal For Spearfishing How-To Guide

'99 Tips to Get Better at Spearfishing' Nears Crowdfunding Goal

New Heads-Up Display Dive Computer Unveiled

A new heads up display dive computer is about to hit the market

Crowdfunding Campaign Underway To Establish Freediving Lanzarote Destination

Crowd funding page to launched to build a freediving dream in Lanzarote

Crowdfunding Campaign Unveiled For New, High-End Dive Watch

There's a new, high-end dive watch that's undergoing a crowdfunding campaign to get it to market.

Kickstarter Campaign Underway For ‘Wayan And The Turtle King’ Book

There’s a new crowdfunding campaign underway for a bilingual book on the ocean and its connection to Indonesia. Yvette Bezuidenhout has written “Wayan And The Turtle...

Dive Without Tanks With The New AirBuddy

Move over, Snuba -- there's a new player in the world of tankless diving. A group of Australian divers has developed the AirBuddy, a portable...

New ‘Eq-Tool’ Aims To Help Improve Equalization Technique

If you're a freediver or scuba diver looking to improve your equalization techniques, there's a new gadget being crowdfunded for just that purpose. The Eq-Tool...

Check Out The New Octospot Dive Camera

GoPro better watch out — there’s a new competitor in town: the Octospot Dive Camera. The Octospot is the first camera that’s able to not...
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