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David Lee to attempt Unassisted Constant Ballast record

David Lee will again put Jamaica on the freediving map by attempting his third world record in the Unassisted Constant Ballast category of freediving on July 12th, 2002. This category is the most difficult and physically demanding of all freediving categories. On April 14th 2001 David reached a depth of -45m/147ft with no assistance from fins or any breathing apparatus making him the pioneer of a new sport and the deepest man in Unassisted Constant Ballast Freediving. On October 21st, 2001 David then breaks the -46m unassisted record of Erez Beteau and Trevor Hutton by diving to -47m. David will now attempt his third world record in the unassisted constant ballast category.David and his trainer Rudi Castineyra have already started training to make the 50m /164ft mark. David follows a rigorous training system that will enable him to break the existing Unassisted World Record setting it at an amazing -50m/164ft. With the guidance of Rudi, and the help of Yasemin Dalkilic as his own personal training partner, David Lee will be ready to attempt the World Record July 12th of 2002.

The location chosen for this unique event are the beautiful and clear waters of his native Jamaica, the perfect background in its unmatched beauty and splendor. This event is sure to bring to Jamaica not only the attention of the diving industry and the sports world, but also that of the millions of fans who follow freediving around the world. A truly excellent opportunity for the sponsors of the event.

As a bonus, David will enjoy the assistance of the same team that has worked with Rudi and Yasemin before and which made possible the realization of her records. This group of international professionals will assure the quality and safety of the event. F.R.E.E (Freediving Regulations & Education Entity) will appoint two judges to verify and certify the event upon successful completion. Sponsorship for this event provided by Lady G’Diver, Air Jamaica, Blue Lagoon Vacations, Fern Hill Villas, French Man’s Cove Hotel, Innovative Systems, and Fuji Film.

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Cliff Etzel
Cliff Etzel
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