Are you ready for installment 5 of the Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia?

Slow inhale. Even slower exhale… Repeat.
How do you get in your ‘underwater explorer’ mood?
Once there, what keeps you going?
Is it the pursuit of your lifetime trophy?
Your hunt for a nice fish for that dinner BBQ?
The depth is calling?
An ongoing riddle puzzle figuring out your own body/mind?

Regardless of your own motivation, embracing the moment you are in the water is the key element in your personal development. The colors, the sounds, the underwater physics… they keep most of us going back to the sea over and over again.

Some of us explore the possibilities that the depth offers us. Like few dozens of groupers hanging out at this 41m(130+ft) deep wall.

Take a deep breath…

Our total dive times when spearfishing (sometimes) go up to 3 minutes. But when during those 3 minutes you actually connect with the Sea?

  • Why is it important to embrace the time we are ‘down there’?
  • How can we plan and stick to our plans, yet enjoy the uncertainty the Blue brings to our life?
  • How can we make sure we come up safe with worthy prey?

Please welcome the Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia, Part5: Carpe Diem.

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