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Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia: Awareness

Buckle up, here comes the Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia, Part #3: Awareness.

Our lives are a myriad of interconnected events, stories and details. And quite often the very ‘devil is the details’.

Given the context, the sport of spearfishing is very similar. Our underwater journey is a combination, a chain of little details which go hand in hand with the choices we make.

  • Shall I go spearfishing alone?
  • Shall I go to point A or point B?
  • Shall I get the longer gun?
  • Shall I have some breakfast?
  • Shall I learn to equalize better?
  • Shall I dive right down there or just over here, by that rock?
  • Shall I hit this fish or wait for that one?

As you may have understood by now, paying attention to little details is the key to good performance.

So for now, before the Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia unleashes the deep-water action and information-flow in full power you could take a glance at Cypriot grouper heaven. The place is not mega deep, but rather far with zero to none spearos around. The groupers hang out in large groups well above the bottom line… Parties?

The warm-up is finished, amigos.

Below is the full episode – but please, try not to ‘just watch it’ but rather give a thought to the points I raise. In the pursuit of your prey or an overall underwater happiness the details matter. They make the difference, in fact.

This episode of the Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia probably did not provide many answers to your questions, but (hopefully) it made you ask questions. And that is the big beginning! I am glad you arrived here after all.

Think ahead: Why? How? Can it be done better?

The Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia, Part 4: Respect will be on very soon. We will look into respecting your body, your buddy and the sea around you.

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Anvar Mufazalov
Anvar Mufazalov
Anvar Mufazalov is's Mediterranean specialist. With a passionate dedication he promotes the idea of "spearfishing - an art" and offers unique 'tailored for spearos' freediving courses in the island of Cyprus.