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DeeperBlue Video Of The Year 2020


We’re rapidly approaching the new year and we’ve just completed judging one of our favorite features of the whole year… The DeeperBlue Video Of The Year.

We’ve taken a look back over all the videos we’ve featured in 2020 on our Video Of The Week to decide not only what was the most popular video as chosen by you, but also what the team at felt stood out the most.

As usual, there were some utterly stunning videos and strong competition featured during the year, however, one of the firm favorites with both readers and staff was a short freediving film by Lexie Alford.

Lexie is a content creator with an amazing story – she traveled to all 196 countries in the world by 21 years old and gained the Guinness World Record for “Youngest Person to Travel to Every Country”.

Her short film The Most Beautiful Free Diving in the World is not only a stunning film but also spoke to many of you with its message about Lexie using freediving to help conquer fears of the water. She teams up with other content creators Emmett Sparling, Josiah Gordon & Chelsea Yamase as they all explain their connection to the oceans and how freediving connects them to the water.

While it does feature a collaboration with a brand, we still felt it was a very impactful and well put together film and deserved the win.

Congratulations to Lexie and the team on this compelling video and a well-deserved winner of our Video Of The Year.

You can watch the film above or on YouTube directly.


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