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DeepOutdoors Develops Minimalist BCD For Cold Water Diving

DeepOutdoors Slipstream BC Deepoutdoors is taking its highly-popular minimalist warm-water B.C.D. – the Neutrino — and configuring it with a larger 45-55 pound bladder for cold-water divers. Voila, the Slipstream? is born.

The Slipstream offers streamlined underwater flight in a lightweight, high-performance B.C. that is low profile and extremely comfortable. And perfect for cold water diving.

"We’ve had so many requests for a BC like the Neutrino that divers can use in cold water," says Robin Jacoway, the COO of Deepoutdoors. "We think cold water divers will be very happy with the Slipstream."

The Slipstream offers a unique streamlined Air-Arch bladder that is sewn directly to the B.C.D. jacket. The design eliminates hot dogging and flopping, and keeps the buoyancy where it belongs: below the water. The Slipstream? features 50 pounds of lift, a patented Webloc weight integration system, mechanical weight release, and a great range of sizing because of the B.C.D.’s advanced adjustability.

"I like a B.C. that offers little resistance under water, features proper buoyancy placement, is easy to pack and travel with," adds Jacoway. "Because I’m a minimalist diver when it comes to equipment, the Slipstream? is definitely my kind of B.C."

The Deepoutdoors Slipstream Offers:

  • Unencumbered freedom of movement rarely experienced in a B.C.D.
  • 50 pounds of lift via Deepoutdoors Air-Arch? Bladder that is extremely hydrodynamic and comfortable.
  • Patented Webloc weight integration system that lets you add or remove pouches depending on how much weight is need.
  • Patented mechanical weight release (non-Velcro).

Available in two sizes: small-medium and medium-large; however because of the B.C.D.’s adjustability it can fit a wide of range of divers.

MSRP $650.

Deepoutdoors is dedicated to designing product for exploration and to inspire adventure. For more information visit their website at

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