Deja Blue 6 – Day Three Results and Highlights

Deja Blue 6 day three saw athletes take a break from depth diving with Static (STA) Apnea in the morning followed by more Dynamic (DYN & DNF) pool work in the evening.

Highlights from day three:

  • Tom Gilmore (USA) gave the crowd a great performance with a 6min 33sec breath hold
  • Wenjie “Jessea” Lu (China) is turning into a Chinese record setting machine with a new National Record at 6min 28sec

Full results can be found on the PFI Deja Blue 6 Result Page.  Congratulations to the athletes and you can see the highlight video below.  Day 4 will see athletes back into ocean depth dives in the morning followed by pool disciplines in the evening. You can see highlights from day 3 in the video below.

Check back for more from coverage of Deja Blue 6.

Deja Blue 6

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