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Sponsored Divesangha, Inspired By Divers For All Ocean Lovers

Divesangha, Inspired By Divers For All Ocean Lovers


What do divers need from their clothing?  Many divers could be more stylish but in terms of coping with the reality of wet skin, windy boat decks, sea, salt and lack of changing privacy, what technical and design requirements need to be considered?

After following their passion and scuba diving for years around the world, London-based designers Lucia and Tom Keen thought it was time to give it some thought. Divers deserve a smarter identity and better-designed clothing. A saggy tee shirt with a slightly dodgy slogan on it is no longer enough.

The first Divesangha collection, Basic, aimed at both men & women, was launched in 2014. The goal was to provide comfortable, stylish clothes with a range of clever features that would suit divers as well as any ocean lover.

Divesangha Basic
Divesangha Basic

Original designs, lightweight, quick-dry fabrics, neutral colors, subtle graphics, an original hanging system (Hung Dry), an environmentally sustainable approach and an ethical, limited edition UK-based production made up the foundations of the brand.

Divesangha Basic
Divesangha Basic

Basic was then followed by Calypso, a collection inspired by classic marine colors and the epic Cousteau age of diving. The Calypso fabrics – all made in Italy – are UVA rated and eco-friendly, mostly being ECONYL© based. Rash-guards were entirely redesigned and so were men’s shorts, finally neither too tight nor too loose. Goodbye, awkward Speedo moments!

Divesangha Calypso
Divesangha Calypso

One of the main issues for divers and ocean lovers has always been how to get dry, quickly and comfortably, after getting out of the water, without feeling chilly and clammy all day.

Divesangha Calypso
Divesangha Calypso

Whether you’re diving from a boat, on the beach or at the pool, changing facilities are rarely ideal and traveling with towels is not always practical – unless they have additional functions.

Divesangha Calypso
Divesangha Calypso

In 2016, Divesangha launched their most popular product ever to address this key problem.  A lightweight micro fibre changing robe, the DS Poncho appeals specifically to those divers who like to get dry and change discreetly after a dive, avoiding the chills and keeping cozy.

In 2017 Divesangha has continued exploring ways to dry and dress after a dive, expanding the poncho idea into a new full range, DS Dry.

Divesangha Dry
Divesangha Dry

DS Dry is a range of microfibre ponchos, kaftans, towels and hair towels aimed directly at anyone who is often in and out of the water.

Divesangha Dry
Divesangha Dry

DS Dry towels are designed to be light, easy to take to the beach, quick drying and as a side benefit are the size of a yoga mat – so also appeal to yoga-inclined free divers. Made from non-shedding microfibre, they’re perfect for photographers too, to protect and clean housings and cameras.

Divesangha Dry
Divesangha Dry

The DS Dry kaftan, a variation on the poncho and specific for girls, is designed to be worn over dry or wet swimwear. It covers, it dries and it looks good as an item of clothing too.

Divesangha Dry
Divesangha Dry

Having long hair is always a problem when diving, hence a colorful hair towel that keeps hair dry and protected. A quick way to wrap up your locks and keep your head warm in the wind, long-haired divers will wonder how they coped without it.

The Hung Dry system, a Divesangha feature since the early days, is used throughout the DS Dry range and means you can quickly dry your items even if you’re on a boat, easily attaching them to a rail or pole without needing pegs or losing anything to the wind.

Divesangha Dry
Divesangha Dry

If you don’t have time to hang them to dry (and they dry quickly!) Divesangha ponchos and towels come in a waterproof bag with two compartments, a wet and a dry one, protecting your dry gear once they’re wet.

Protecting the marine environment is crucial to Divesangha so DS Dry items are packaged without using plastic. Even the tags are made of recycled paper and bio-degradable, natural hemp string. DS Dry products are all original designs, exclusive to Divesangha and made to last. High-quality clothing, that needs less washing and no tumble drying, all helps us protect the planet, even if using synthetic fibers is not always ideal.

Through Divesangha, Lucia and Tom want to show the world that divers are a special breed. The privilege we have of being able to visit the depths of the ocean and appreciate beauty most people never see drives us all to be powerful ambassadors for the ocean.  Once you’ve broken the surface, there’s no going back. Experiencing the beauty and power of the ocean brings a profound change.

Can divers inspire the world, just like explorers and adventurers, and create a new culture of ocean loving people?

Divesangha very much believes so. What’s more, they can look good while they are doing it!

Find out more at

  • Prices for DS Dry vary from £22.00 / $28.00 / €25.00 for a hair towel to £50.00/ $63.00 / €57 for a poncho & bag
  • Delivery to the UK is free, to Europe is £12.00 / €14.00, to the Rest Of The World is £15.00 / $19.00
  • Divesangha do VAT refunds, so your order from a non-EU country would be approximately 16.5% cheaper
  • You also get a FREE dry bag with your first order
  • Shop DS Dry with a special 20% Discount by typing DEEPER06 at checkout

This is a sponsored post – for more information please see our disclosure policy.

Comfortable, practical and stylish divewear aimed at all people who love the ocean. Designed by divers in London, produced ethically in the UK.


  1. Love mine got an Orange one at a UK dive show 🙂 Everyone laughed when they first saw it on a live aboard in the Red Sea…..had the last laugh when the wind picked up a bit, really does aid quick change, quick dry off, and pretty wind proof too, I was quickly snug after a dive….was getting bored by the end of the week listening to people whine about how cold they were ??????????

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