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Error Causes Line To Be Set 10m Too Deep For Guillaume Nery At World Championships Pre-Competition



Organizers and judges at the 2015 AIDA Individual Depth Championships (#aidaworldchampionship) Pre-Competition in Cyprus are looking into how a line was set to the wrong depth and causing the diver – French Freediving hero Guillaume Nery – to dive to -139m/456ft instead of -129m/-423ft that he had announced the night before.

10m/33ft doesn’t sound like much but when diving as deep as a skyscraper into the depths this sort of mistake can be fatal.

Guillaume Nery suffered a Black Out at 15m/49ft as he came to surface from his Constant Weight (CWT) dive – one that would have seen him set a new World Record should he have succeeded.

Nery had this to say to after the dive

“I announced 129m and I got to the bottom of the rope at 139m.  I have had a bad squeeze but luckily I made it back. I did black out at around 15m.  I remember grabbing the tag, thinking, ‘good, it should be OK’ and then nothing. It was long before I came back around. It was a close call…”

We are waiting on word if he is able to compete in the World Championships starting on Friday.

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The Freediving community has taken to Facebook to express outrage and concern at how this sort of error could happen at a World Championship event.

Guillaume Nery Dive Computer After Diving To -137m Constant Weight Due To Organizer Error
Guillaume Nery Dive Computer After Diving To -137m Constant Weight Due To Organizer Error

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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