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Fourth Element Unleashes Its Dive Style with the Argonaut 3.0


If you’re a diver who craves a personalized touch to your gear, the Argonaut 3.0 is here to answer your call.

This innovative drysuit from Fourth Element doesn’t just prioritize performance – it makes a statement with a range of fabrics and colors that allow you to craft a suit as unique as your underwater adventures.

Colors That Speak Louder Than Words

The Argonaut 3.0 stands out not only for its cutting-edge design but also for the array of colors available for both the torso and legs. Dive into the visual representation of your personality by choosing from a palette that suits your style. Whether you’re drawn to the deep blues, vibrant reds or sleek blacks, the Argonaut 3.0 ensures that your drysuit reflects your individuality.

Fabric Options: Tailoring Performance to Your Preference

The real magic of the Argonaut 3.0 lies in its fabric options – each carefully curated to cater to diverse preferences and diving conditions.

Stealth (Nylon) Trilaminate: Lightweight, Hardwearing Freedom

Opting for the Stealth fabric means embracing a drysuit that combines the best of both worlds – lightweight and hardwearing. Crafted from high-quality nylon, the Stealth trilaminate ensures unparalleled freedom of movement during your dive. It’s the go-to choice for those who want a suit that can keep up with their underwater acrobatics.

Flex (Polyester) Trilaminate: Rugged Comfort for Intrepid Divers

Engineered for durability and comfort, their Flex fabric was initially designed for military use. Laminated with a flexible butyl layer, it perfectly balances toughness and comfort. The result? A rugged drysuit that can withstand the harshest underwater environments without sacrificing flexibility.

Stealth Hybrid (Nylon/Polyester) Trilaminate: The Best of Both Worlds

For those who crave the best of Stealth and Flex, Fourth Element presents the Stealth Hybrid. This innovative combination features Stealth on the top and Flex on the lower half, offering outstanding mobility and durability. It’s a game-changer for divers who demand peak performance from every inch of their gear.

The Evolution of 3.0

New features on this evolved Argonaut include a reconfigured zipper running from the right shoulder to the left hip for improved gas management and comfort.

Articulated for trim the new leg design allows perfect freedom of movement when diving into trim. The redesigned telescopic torso allows maximum range of movement with increased flexibility and a self-adjusting warm neck collar allows this warm neck design allows easier fitting of hoods and adjusts to give a snug fit for latex and neoprene neck seals only.

Prices start at US$3,300/£2,149/~€3,033.

Explore the possibilities and design your personalized Argonaut 3.0 at

Victoria Brown
Victoria Brown
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