If you’ve ever wanted a blast from technical diving’s past, you’ll want to check out this free issue No. 4 of aquaCORPS Technical Diving Magazine.

The magazine celebrated its 30th anniversary earlier this month at the DeeperBlue.com booth at DEMA Show in Orlando.

This particular issue of the magazine originally came out in January 1992 and was titled “MIX.” It was published during a controversial time for mixed-gas dive enthusiasts, with the then-executive director of DEMA outright banning nitrox vendors and training agencies from exhibiting at the organization’s annual trade show.

A compromise was reached via an “Enriched Air Nitrox Workshop” held before the DEMA Show in Houston that year.

The “MIX” issue features an article on mixed-gas technology, a mixed-gas primer, plus articles on “The Case for Heliox” by Dr. Bill Stone, “Understanding Special Tables” by Dr. R.W. Hamilton and “The Story of CO2 Build-up” by Rev. Ed Lampher.

The issue also includes a tribute to WKPP co-founder Parker Turner as well as an interview with Sheck Exley.

Check out the free issue here, or scan the QR code below.

aquaCORPS' MIX Issue
aquaCORPS’ MIX Issue
aquaCORPS download link
aquaCORPS Issue No. 4 download link

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