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Freediving World Champion Teaching In Texas!

"Starting November 3rd, Tanya Streeter, World Champion Freediver, will be hosting "Redefine Your Limits" Freediving Clinics in Austin, Texas. Tanya will be holding the clinics in conjunction with Aquatics Unlimited, an Austin not-for-profit foundation that specializes in aquatic instruction.On November 3-4, 17-18, December 1-2 and 8-9, Tanya and her husband Paul will be teaching the "Redefine Your Limits" Freediving Clinics. Classroom and pool instruction will occur at the Aquatics Unlimited Foundation facility at 4405 Guadalupe Street, Austin TX and the open water freediving will take place in Lake Travis. Future dates for 2002 will be scheduled soon and whilst these last four clinics run exclusively over weekends, future clinics will be tailor-made to suit the requirements of the students in terms of duration as well as content. She will even come to your location, and had much success in New Zealand this year when she did just that!

Tanya has recently returned to Austin after 2 grueling months of training in a near freezing Austria lake and competing alongside fellow American’s at the Freediving World Championships. Tanya’s world record setting career has been covered by Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Outside Magazine, Time Magazine, National Geographic TV and (oxygen)? TV. The Austin American Statesmen recently published their feature article, "How Low Can She Go?" highlighting this stunning local mermaid.


Complete beginner Freedivers will be taught elements of the sports origins and history together with important safety rules and procedures, basic technique theory as well as what to expect throughout breath-hold activities during a morning of classroom work. During 2 pool sessions, these students will be introduced to static apnea (breath-hold while remaining still) and Tanya maintains they will be amazed at how long they can hold their breath with such little experience. Finally, the beginners will be introduced to open water in Lake Travis. Whilst the lake is too shallow for Tanya’s training, the conditions are ideal for clinics. With important tips on safety and technique, these students will already get a taste of what Tanya describes as "a surreal and peaceful underwater experience".

Experienced Freedivers, whether it be experience gleaned from deep snorkeling on annual holidays or years of competitive apnea, will have the opportunity to tap into the skills, theories, practices and regime of this six-time World Record holder in a clinic personalized to their wants, needs, goals and motivations. Opportunities to learn more about the physiology of Freediving, safety practices for advanced levels of apnea, technique for deeper dives and apnea during spearfishing, as well as the psychology of this fascinating sport will be available to experienced students. And finally these students will get a unique chance to have a World Champion apneist design a training program for their future targets.

If you want to learn about the fastest growing extreme sport of today, and in the process have the experience of a lifetime, then challenge yourself and REDEFINE YOUR LIMITS!

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Media may contact Tanya directly (512) 336 5301. Student registration is open to the public and can be done via email to Tanya@redefineyourlimits.com or (512) 336 5301.


Cliff Etzel
Cliff Etzel
Cliff is the former Freediving editor of DeeperBlue.com. He is now a freelance journalist and film-maker.