Freediving World Team Championship Update

As the Freediving World Team Championship rolls on the list of results is becoming interesting.  There are many new faces from new participating countries, such as Malaysia and Spain.

According to AIDA’s Press Officer, “the men’s division is led by Slovenia with Antonio Koderman, Jure Dai? and Samo Jeranko all having good dives and 247points . Denmark is currently in 2nd place with 189 . Guillaume Nérygot a white card and 114 meters and points setting up France to move up in the standings when the other 2 Frenchmen dive.”  In the women’s division, “Tomoka Fukuda and Hanako Hirose both got white cards today and have moved the Japanese girls into 1st place with 128 points followed by the US with 110 points. Aurore Asso had a big dive of 76m for France.”

The official website lists the resultsof the official rankings regularly for both men’s and women’s categories.

Stay abreast of the results with the official website and also the AIDA International facebook page.