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Klovar Beats Out Molchanov in CNF Discipline At CMAS Freediving World Championships

Croatia’s Petar Klovar set a world record by out-diving Russia’s Alexey Molchanov’s 90m/295ft dive with a Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) dive of 92m/302ft at last week’s 2021 CMAS Freediving Outdoor World Championships in Turkey.

Slovenia’s Alenka Artnik won the women’s world title in two separate disciplines, while Molchanov won the men’s world title in two separate disciplines as well. Denmark’s Jesper Stechmann broke the world record in different disciplines in men’s masters three times.

Artnik won the women’s world title in the CNF discipline with a 103m/338ft dive. The silver medal went to Italy’s Alessia Zecchini with a dive to 98m/321.5ft, while the bronze medal was shared by Marianna Gillespie of France and Nataliia Zharkova of Ukraine also broke their own national records with dives to 97m/318ft.

In the Constant Weight with Monofin (CWT) discipline, Artnik, who is the world record holder in the women’s CWT discipline, became the world champion by diving to 105m/344ft. France’s Marianne Gillespie came in second with a 103m/338ft dive. Alena Konecna from Chechnya came in third with a 91m/299ft dive.

On the men’s side, Russia’s Molchanov became the world champion by successfully diving to 128m/420ft in one breath. Walid Boudhiaf from Tunisia came in second with 116m/197ft and Christos Karelos from Greece came in third in the world with 112m/367ft.

Nataliia Zharkova from Ukraine came in first and set a national women’s Free Immersion (FIM) record with a 91m/298.5ft dive. Fatima Korok from Hungary won the silver medal with her 88m/289ft dive, while also setting a new national record of her home country. Alena Konecna of the Czech Republic took the bronze medal with an 86m/282ft dive as well as setting a new national record.

On the men’s side, Russia’s Molchanov took gold with a 121m/397ft FIM dive. Petar Klavor from Croatia took silver with a dive to 119m/390ft as well as setting a national record. Tunisia’s Boudhiaf took bronze with a 113m/371ft dive.

And proving that age is just a number, Japec Jakopin from Slovenia broke the masters world record with his successful FIM dive to 78m/229.6ft at the age of 70.

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John Liang
John Liang
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