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Light & Motion Keeps The Innovations Coming At DEMA 2016 had a chance to catch up with Hal Wolter over at Light & Motion during DEMA 2016, and he gave us the inside scoop on what’s new this year.

There are three changes to their existing product line, and three brand new items to tempt you.

First up is their SOLA Video Pro 9600 (US$1,599/1,505 Euros), which they’ve given a powerful kick, bumping its lumen count from 8,000 to 9,600. There’s also a changeable head available that will turn the body into a 5,000 lumen topside light.

SOLA Video Pro 9,600
SOLA Video Pro 9600

The SOLA Video 2,500 ($699/658 Euros) also got a bit of an upgrade, and is now also sold as the SOLA Dive 2,500. The 2,500 refers to lumens, of course, but the switch to Dive means you get this powerful light with a hand mount instead of a ball mount.

SOLA Video 2500
SOLA Video 2500

The real star of the 2016 upgrades is the high-powered (formerly) 3,000 lumen SOLA Video 3800 ($599/564 Euros). They’ve cranked that up to 3,800 lumens and developed the Domeport lens, which is in production and will be rolling out soon. The Domeport ($99.99/93.16 Euros) replaces the factory-standard bezel with a glass dome which increases the range of the light by 25 degrees without a sharp light drop-off at the edges. This accessory is backwards-compatible with other SOLA lights, though it works best with their chip onboard models.

SOLA Video 3800
SOLA Video 3800

New this year is the GOBe Red Focus head ($129/121 Euros). This interchangeable head transforms your GOBe into a red focusing light which is ideal for underwater photography. Get your shot lined up and your camera ready without disturbing your subjects (the red light at depth won’t disturb wildlife), then take your shot with your strobes as illumination. Its low impact on marine life and hand-strap compatibility also make this a favorite for lobster hunters.

GOBe Red Focus head
GOBe Red Focus head

For multi-dive days when you can’t get back to an outlet to charge your lights, they’ve come out with the Stella 28 WHr External Battery pack ($200/188 Euros). This compact unit will give you up to three full charges in the field, and can itself be recharged by plugging it into the wall after the day’s dives. It pairs with the SOLA Fast Charge models (Pro9600, 3800F, 2500 S/F, and the Laser600), so you can get your lights back in the water faster than ever before!

Finally, check out their new photography kit. Light & Motion have partnered with Polar Pro to develop a full setup to go with the new GoPro 5. Packaged in a durable padded box, you get two 600 lumen Sidekicks with both flood and spot capabilities, a camera tray with two flexible arms, an adaptor kit, and a Polar Pro Switchblade which incorporates an interchangeable red filter and macro lens. Pricing isn’t final on this package, but they’re shooting for the $450-500/423-470 Euro range.

As always, Light & Motion is an industry leader in dive lights, but did you know they’re also passionate about consumer protection and truth in advertising? Take a look at their other website to get a peek at comprehensive performance data for many of the dive lights available on the market today. Committed to ensuring that lumen counts reported match actual output, Light & Motion have made this database available so you can see what independent testing says about your light’s real performance.

Whatever kind of diving you do, Light & Motion is here to illuminate the way. Stop over at Booth #7027 to see for yourself, or check out the company’s website at!

Erin Durbin-Sherer
Erin Durbin-Sherer
Erin began diving in 2012 as preparation for a trip to Hawaii and before the year was out she'd left her old life behind to work in the dive industry full-time. When she's not out exploring the deep and collecting c-cards, you might find her making art or working on her master's thesis in cultural anthropology at San Diego State University. Erin is an Associate Editor with