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Liz Parkinson Shares Behind-the-Scenes of Underwater Hollywood


Having begun her career as an international-level swimmer before becoming a freediving instructor trainer, Liz Parkinson is one of the most well-recognized female trainers when it comes to underwater cinematography for major Hollywood blockbusters.

During a DEMA Show 2023 talk, Parkinson guided attendees on the adventures associated with what it takes to make the magic happen.

Much of her responsibilities consist of ensuring the safety of actors and performers as well as preparing them for underwater production. She described how as opposed to those who choose to dive, say in the Bahamas, many actors veer away from water scenes, increasing the challenges facing trainers.

Parkinson shared how 2022 was an epic year for freediving in cinema and detailed her involvement in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” “Avatar: The Way of Water” and the Netflix’sThai Cave Rescue.”

Unlike the performers, she described how trainers are in the water long before the directors call “action” and remain after the take is cut. The mental and physical demand is great, but for Parkinson, it’s an amazing opportunity to apply her knowledge and love of freediving education.

To learn more about Parkinson, you can follow her via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter/X.

Liz Parkinson at DEMA Show Authors' Corner
Liz Parkinson at DEMA Show Authors’ Corner
Jennifer Morgan
Jennifer Morgan
Jennifer Morgan is the Founder of 321Freedive and creator of the 1st Freediving specific Conference in North America. Her passion for the gift in Freediving has led her to create Events and Outreach programs which consistently support safety centered educational opportunities.