Loic LeFerme offers new No-Limits Training Course

“We’ve been speaking to Loic LeFerme and now have details of a 5 day training course in No-Limits to be held in Nice (France) in April.

Here are details of the course:

Equipment not included in Course Prices

5 Day Course
3rd ?? 7th April 2002

All Inclusive : 4500 FF (French Francs)
The above price includes :
? Hotel
? Lunch
? Theory Lessons & Videos
? Relaxation / Strectching Classes
? Sea Dives (Free Immersion, Constant Ballast & Sled Dives)

Single Dives

200 FF (French Francs) per Person

There are also 2 special offer packages available. These packages allow you to buy a number of dives during any given year.

Package 1 : 5 Dives 800 FF (French Francs)
Package 2 : 10 Dives 1300 FF (French Francs)

To register for the course, please download the Word Document for Registration here