Mandy-Rae gears up for her world record attempt

Previous newspaper articles have said that Mandy-Rae Cruickshank, holder of 6 world records in the sport offreediving had set her goal to 92 metres, to break the current record of 90 metres held bySara Campbell (UK). has received word from Ms Cruickshankthat she was mis-quoted and the target is set for 91 metres.

The challenge is stillnothing to be spoofed at, as Ms Cruickshank will dive to a pressure 10x greaterthan the normal existence of a human being. In spite of having sufferedcolds and flu this last week this plucky Canadian champion strides withadmirable determination. Reports from Grand Caymanare awaited as tension and suspense arise in the world of freediving. TheJapanese freediver Junko Kitahama has set two National Records this week andUSA Freediver Rob King has new men’s national recordin the discipline of Constant Weight No Fins to a depth of 53 metres.