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Marine Archaeologists Find 10 Shipwrecks Off the Greek Coast Dating Back Thousands of Years


Marine archaeologists have found 10 shipwrecks off the coast of the Greek island of Kasos, some of them dating back to the time of Homer.

In fact, Homer’s classic poem “The Iliad” even provided the underwater scientists with clues, since Kasos is mentioned in it as a trading area.

The shipwrecks found were determined to be as old as from 3,000 BCE all the way to World War II.

The scientists from Greece and other countries found ancient ships with goods from Spain, Italy, Africa and the coasts of Asia Minor.

More than 20,000 underwater photographs were taken, which were used to study and synthesize digital images of the wrecks and finds, providing a wealth of primary data to the international scientific community, according to the Greek Culture Ministry.

Among the artifacts found at depths ranging from 20m/66ft to 47m/154ft were: a Spanish amphora with a seal on its handle dated between 150-170 AD, drinking cups, Roman bottles of African origin and a stone anchor from the Archaic period.

Scientists also carried out the mapping and bathymetry of the Kasos-Karpathos reef and the Karpatholimnion area for the first time with the use of a side-scanning sonar.

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John Liang
John Liang
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