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Martin Stepanek and Mandy-Rae Cruickshank announce World Record Attempts

For the month of March, two athletes from the Performance Freediving team will be training in the Cayman Islands working up to four world record attempts between March 21st to 27th. Mandy-Rae Cruickshank (Canada) and Martin Stepanek (Czech Republic) will both be attempting world records in the disciplines of constant ballast and free immersion.

Mandy-Rae Cruickshank is a 29 year-old, three time world record holder residing in Vancouver, Canada. Her first record was in September 2001 in Grand Cayman in the depth category of No-limits where she achieved a depth of 136m / 447′. In No-limits an athlete rides a weighted sled to depth and then an air bag back to the surface. In May of 2002 she set her second world record in static apnea, holding your breath for time at the surface, achieving a time of 6:16. In September 2003 she set a record of 41m / 136′ without fins, breast-stroking to depth and back.

Joining Mandy is her team mate Martin Stepanek from the Czech Republic. Martin is 26 years-old and is also a three-time world record holder. In May of 2001 Martin set his first world record in static apnea, simple breath-hold for time at the surface achieving a time of 8:06. In September of that same year, Martin set the free immersion world record to 90m / 295′, pulling down and up from depth without fins. At the Sony Freediver Classic in Cyprus, Martin set the world record in constant ballast, swimming down and back from depth with fins, to a depth of 93m / 305′.

Both Mandy and Martin join up once again with coach and trainer Kirk Krack of Performance Freediving to attempt world records both in constant ballast and free immersion. Each have been training extremely hard over the past five months and look forward to warm, crystal, calm waters of the Cayman Islands in which to explore the limits of human capacity.

The members of Performance Freediving teach a number of educational clinics around the world and are involved in both team and athlete development. A clinic will be offered March 29th – April 1st.

For information, daily logs and pictures on Mandy and Martin’s training and progress, or for information on the clinics in the Cayman Islands, please go to

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