Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Multiple Emmy-Winning Underwater Cinematographer Stan Waterman Has Died


Emmy-winning underwater cinematographer and film producer Stan Waterman passed away last week at the age of 100.

With Al Giddings, Waterman co-directed the underwater sequences in the 1977 movie “The Deep.” He also won an Emmy award alongside his son for the TV documentary “Dancing With Stingrays.”

DEMA said in a statement:

“Waterman was highly respected throughout the industry and will be greatly missed.”

In a lengthy November 2017 Facebook post, Waterman wrote about diving until he turned 90 years old:

“I hung up my fins just after I turned 90. I still loved diving and indeed always felt physically more in control of myself when I submerged and shucked off all gravity. For most of my diving years I eschewed buddy diving. I concentrated on diving alone so that I would not be responsible for a buddy and could entirely concentrate on my video shooting and search for subjects. Even before I reached 90 years the dive boats I worked with started insisting on a dive master accompanying me, all concerned that such an ‘old fart’ would buy it on THEIR watch. I was old enough to understand that and appreciated the precaution. The so-called buddy system has probably avoided thousands of accidents, if not drownings as well. It was time for me to responsibly move on. Everything in its time.”

John Liang
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