Natalia Molchanova Sets New Pool World Record at 2014 AIDA Team Freediving Championships

Russian freediver Natalia Molchanova is no stranger to world records; she is the most decorated athlete in competitive freediving ever with over 40 World Records (WR) under her belt.

Today Natalia Molchanova added another competition best when she swam a distance of 237 meters underwater in a dive time of about three minutes and :30 seconds at the AIDA Team World Championships in Sardinia, Italy.

Pending doping tests, today’s white-carded dynamic swim furthers Natalia’s previous world-record-setting dive of 234 meters, (which she set last year in Belgrade, Serbia.) What makes this 237m DYN performance even more astounding is that Natalia set it in a 25 meter pool, which means she had to do nearly double the turns given the shorter length of the pool.

In the overall standings for the entire competition, currently Natalia and her fellow Russian teammates are in first place.


Photos above Courtesy of Daan Verhoeven

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