NAUI Worldwide recently announced it had launched a “Skills Update Workshop Series” for its Technical Diver Training programs.

The organization began its workshops late last year that featured a small team of Instructor Examiners working with NAUI’s Technical Training Division to bring the Skills Update to U.S.-domestic and international partners.

NAUI Technical Training Director Tim O’Leary said:

“NAUI’s expansion of international workshops demonstrates the success of its global expansion of training initiatives, especially those related to technical-level training and best practices.”

The Skills Update will take place over two days and include both land and in-water drills of the following:

* Decompression diving
* Extreme exposure
* Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) handling
* DPV Technical (DPVT) operation and
* DPV Extreme Exposure (DPVEE) operation.

The next Skills Update workshops are scheduled for Cebu, Philippines, in March 2019 and Hong Kong the following month. IF you want a workshop in your neck of the woods, contact your regional NAUI rep via the NAUI website.

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