Waterproof USA recently announced that its D1X Hybrid ISS Drysuit is now available for purchase.

The D1X features a new TPU tab with molded hook-and-loop fastener, which sticks only to the assigned hook-and-loop part. The Neck Seal is fixed to the suit with a unique neck-ring. Easy to change, it features great chemical UV and ozone resistance paired with a high comfort factor. The Quick Neck Ring from SITECH is a flexible ring for the neck seal that follows the shape of your shoulders and works with Latex, Silicone and Neoprene seals.

Additionally, all the critical parts concerning mobility, like arms, legs and torso have been anatomically designed to enhance the freedom of movement. The integrated patented 3D Mesh inner lining 50D is softer and more flexible than the previous model, but with the same type of insulation. The arms are equipped with detachable warm cuffs that minimize heat loss at the wrists.

The wrists are equipped with a QCS Oval ring system from SITECH. The pre-installed Silicone seals are extremely comfortable and easy to change. The convertible pockets allow easy selection of either large-capacity or a slim profile based upon your need, and feature stainless steel D-Rings and cord loops.

Retailing for US$3499/~3103 Euros, the D1X is available in men’s sizes from Small to 3XLT+ and Women’s sizes from Small to 2XL.

For more info, go to waterproof-usa.com.

Waterproof USA's D1X Hybrid ISS Drysuit
Waterproof USA’s D1X Hybrid ISS Drysuit

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