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DEMA Show CoverageNautilus Dive Adventures – Come See Big Creatures!

Nautilus Dive Adventures – Come See Big Creatures!


Nautilus Dive Adventures has four big, comfortable liveaboard dive boats ranging in size from 105 feet/32 meters to 147 feet/45 meters.

Rachel Bock, head of boat operations for Nautilus, showed DeeperBlue.com amazing videos of the boats, the islands, and everything that lives underwater on the biggest video TV at DEMA Show 2019!

Socorro Island lies southwest off the tip of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and it’s loaded with Giant Manta Rays! They are friendly plankton feeders that fly by like quiet jet planes! Inquisitive Bottlenose Dolphins also frequent the island.

The Sea Of Cortez is known for another monster creature that feeds on plankton, Whale Sharks! They also have comical Sea Lions with amazing agility and they’re friendly too! The Sea of Cortez is known for magical Sea Mounts rising up through hundreds of meters of water to plateau at comfortable diving depths.

Guadalupe, southwest of San Diego, California, has the best Great White Shark diving on the planet! The diving is Shock and Awe, but the boats are fitted with shark cages that get you up close, but keep you safe and happy!

Sample pricing on their 12 guest luxury yachts runs at around US$2,495 (~2,257 Euros) Superior to $2,995 (~2,710 Euros) Premium. The vessels go on six-day trips from June to December.

See NautilusDive.com for more information.

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